A lot of people often ask us why a San Ramon property management company will have five star reviews and one star reviews simultaneously. How can this happen? There are many reasons for low reviews, and those usually fall into one of three categories: communication, competence, and execution.


San Ramon Property Management and Customer Service

Ultimately, the property manager is an agent for the property owner. So, the allegiance must lay with the owner and the owner’s interests. That can create some perceived conflicts.


Property managers have to deal with both parties in a rental transaction – the owner and the tenant – in a fair, honest, and equitable manner. A good property manager will make attempts to communicate with both parties.


San Ramon Property Management: Unsatisfied Applicants

Many low reviews come from unsatisfied applicants. They don’t get the home they applied for, so they write a bad review. Many times, a home for rent attracts multiple applicants. We have to rent the property to the first qualified applicant who has completed the screening process. It’s not legal for us to collect a large number of applications and then pick the best one. We must approve the first qualified application that we screen.


San Ramon Property Management: Unsatisfied Tenants

Tenants might feel unsatisfied if they are requesting repairs and improvements, but those repairs and improvements are not approved by the property owner. As a management company, we’re the middle men. Our job is to make sure the property owner is getting a good return on investment, and that their property is being well cared for. We’re also here to provide good housing. Ultimately, we find ourselves in between both parties. We are limited in terms of the improvements and repairs that we can make. It depends on owner approval, unless it’s a health and safety issue, which is a repair that must get done regardless.


San Ramon Property Management: Unsatisfied Owners

Owners become unsatisfied if they have unrealistic expectations about the costs of owning rental property. There are necessary repairs and maintenance costs, as well as reserve accounts. As an owner, it’s important to be prepared for that. Many owners can also be unrealistic in their expectations for the returns they earn on rental property. Not all owners really understand what the market rent will be.


A group of people sitting on a table discussing somethingWe try to work with all our clients to educate them on the process so they know what to expect when they rent their property out. We try to make everyone happy if possible.


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