Today we are talking about what a property manager should do when managing your rental. The most important quality you need in a property manager is great communication. You need a professional who does a good job of communicating with you as a property owner and your tenant on a regular basis. There needs to be a capacity for email, phone calls and texting. Tenant communication is especially important when it comes to maintenance. If there’s a problem at your property, you want to know your property manager is dealing with it right away.

Your property manager should also be conducting a rental analysis on an annual basis. This will help you determine whether raising the rent is a good idea, or if you should have your tenants sign a new rental agreement so you have the guaranteed rental income for another 12 months. This all depends on your plans for the property.

A good roster of qualified vendors is very important for your property manager. You should have access to qualified, experienced professionals who are timely in contacting tenants and getting those repairs made. Maintenance issues need attention and you don’t want those things to sit and not get done.

How a San Ramon Property Manager SHOULD be Handling Your Rental HomeFinally, you want to make sure your property manager has some sort of resource for a comprehensive annual inspection. When a contractor takes a look at the entire property, from the inside out, you can be sure the home is being maintained and kept up. Some property managers will send you photos while your tenant is there so you can see how the property is being cared for.

These are just a few of the Items your property manager should be doing for you and with you as they manage your property. A good relationship is important. If you have any questions, or you’d like to hear about the services we provide, please contact us at Windsor Pacific Property Management.