In today’s blog, I’d like to talk about the present state of the rental market in San Ramon and the surrounding areas. We are currently experiencing a pretty tight market, and there is not a lot of inventory. In our area, there is a high demand for rental properties due to our proximity to employers like Chevron, AT&T and other employers in nearby Bishop Ranch.

State of the San Ramon Rental Market 2015The schools here in San Ramon are also excellent and very popular. We have some of the top schools in the state, so we continue to see an influx of tenants from Silicon Valley. The areas in highest demand are areas with newer homes like Gale Ranch, Windemere and The Bridges. Homes in these neighborhoods will have more modern features. That means they are easier to rent because most tenants looking for homes in the San Ramon area want modern updates and efficient systems.

If you’re thinking about purchasing an investment home in San Ramon or you’re wondering if your current home is of high rental quality, we can help you align your goals with the state of the current rental market. Please contact us at Windsor Pacific Property Management, and we will do a rental analysis for you.