If you are looking for property management services that only cover getting a lease in place, we can help you at Windsor Pacific Property Management. In addition to leasing out your property, we offer full property management services. The type of help you choose depends on what you need for your property, and how active you want to be in managing it.

With a lease up service only, you can rely on the property manager to market the property to potential tenants. This means listing it online, managing the showings and doing the tenant screening. A property manager will also help with the development and signing of the lease. This is a good idea for property owners who like to do their own ongoing property management, but look for help with finding and screening high quality tenants.

If you want full management services, it will include all of the lease up details we just discussed, as well as ongoing management. This means making sure your property is ready for the San Ramon rental market. Your property manager will inspect it prior to renting it out and make recommendations on any repairs or upgrades that will help it attract tenants. The property manager will take photographs and create slideshows for marketing purposes and in addition to the usual places where a property is listed, your property manager will also make sure it gets exposure on sites such as Zillow and Trulia. Your full service property manager will help you set the rental rate and will take care of collecting deposits and the monthly rent.

When you have a full service property management contract, you will receive ongoing management services for your property. All maintenance will be coordinated, which is great when the tenant has to call someone in the middle of the night because a water heater has exploded or the electricity isn’t working. The repairs will be scheduled and handled by your property management company. Your property manager will also communicate with the tenants on your behalf and take care of any necessary inspections during the tenancy.

The move out inspection is important, and when you have a full service property manager working with you, there is little you will have to worry about. Your property manager will take care of the entire move out process, from talking to the tenant about what is required to inspecting the property and letting you know what needs to be done in order to get the place back on the market for the next tenant.

If you have any questions about the different levels of service provided by property managers, please contact us at Windsor Pacific Property Management.