Why should real estate professionals refer their clients to Windsor Pacific Property Management?


Because we’re a little different, and today we’re telling you how we can help you and your clients.


San Ramon Property Management is Our Focus

The number one point we’d like to make is that we don’t sell real estate. We don’t compete with the Realtors in our area. We only do property management, and that’s our area of expertise. We have done real estate sales in the past with prior jobs we have held, but we don’t do any sales currently. We are focused on property management. Our industry experience includes several years of sales, appraising, and management. So, when you contact us, you’re getting professionals with a lot of industry experience.


Protecting Your Client Relationships

A person keeping has hand on a table while holding a pen We always refer clients back to the Realtor who referred them. We enjoy having a good, symbiotic relationship with the Realtors we work with. Keep in mind that we can also assist your client in making an educated decision when selecting a property to purchase as an investment. We are happy to help with understanding the current market rents. We can talk about what the market is doing and how it will impact the rents your clients can expect to earn, and how long it will take to place a good tenant. This is a fluid market, and can change from month to month. You’ll find we provide a great service for you and your clients.


Please contact us at Windsor Pacific Property Management if you have any questions about our services, or if you need help with San Ramon property management. We serve San Ramon, Danville, Dublin, Pleasanton, and surrounding areas.