Today we are talking about where to buy an investment home when you’re considering a purchase in this area. We are based out of San Ramon, California, and our city has an older section and a newer section.

For a good value, take a look at the older part of San Ramon. There are more established neighborhoods in this part of the city, and homes have been around longer. This means they may need some updates and repairs, so there’s a good opportunity for some sweat equity if you’re handy with properties. Buying in the older part of San Ramon is a great way to get into the market for less money. There are a number of good possibilities here.

If you’d prefer to buy a low maintenance property, look at the newer part of San Ramon instead. The homes in these neighborhoods are five to 10 years old and some are even newer. These properties have updated systems, and there is less maintenance involved after you buy it and before you begin renting it out. Where you buy really depends on how involved you want to be with the property and how much maintenance you want to deal with.

We can put together a complimentary rental analysis for you and provide an idea of what kind of rent you’ll collect in different parts of San Ramon. Once you decide on a home you’d like to purchase, we also have an outstanding roster of highly qualified and competitively priced vendors who can help you make any repairs that might be needed to your investment property before you put it on the San Ramon market.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at Windsor Pacific Property Management when you need help in shopping for an investment property. We know the rental market well, and we’d be happy to help you.