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If you’re a property owner wondering how to have the best and most profitable rental experience possible, we’re here to tell you that it starts with the tenants you place. When you have an excellent tenant living in your property, you can expect rent to be paid on time, the lease terms to be followed, and maintenance needs to be reported right away. Your well-qualified renter will keep the property clean and in good shape. They’ll communicate openly and renew their lease agreements, providing a stable and profitable rental experience for you.


When you have a not-so-excellent tenant living in your property, things can go sideways quickly. You might find yourself chasing down late rent. You might have to evict. There could be property damage or a long list of lease violations. 


Bad tenants are expensive and frustrating. Quality tenants make you happy you’re a real estate investor. 


Sometimes, it might feel challenging to find reliable renters who will treat your property with care and pay rent on time. However, we usually find ourselves with a strong pool of highly qualified tenants when we’re placing a resident in one of the properties we professionally manage. With a few simple tips, you can make attracting quality tenants a breeze. 


Here’s how to attract quality tenants to your rental property in San Ramon, Danville, and throughout the Bay area.


Create a Listing that Highlights Your Property’s Best Features


Quality tenants are attracted to quality properties. You’ll need to show the tenant pool why your property is worth looking at. This requires an attention-grabbing listing that’s full of your property’s best features.  


To attract the best tenants, you need to make sure your rental property stands out in a pretty crowded rental market. Online advertising is the best way to go, but the internet is full of properties for rent. You need to be competitive. 


Highlight what sets your property apart. Take fantastic photos that really showcase its assets. Maybe you have updated kitchen appliances, premium landscaping, or extra closet space. Show those things off. Write a description that matches the photos and makes people want to schedule a showing. 


Always include as many photos as you can, and consider offering a virtual tour of your property so prospective tenants can get a real-time view of what your property offers. The presentation of your rental property plays a significant role in attracting quality tenants.


Price Your Bay Area Rental Property Competitively


While you want to make as much profit on your rental property as possible, a higher rental amount does not make up for a substandard tenant. Good tenants know what the market demands when it comes to rental values. They know that their applications are in high demand across town. So, price your property at a point that will attract those great tenants. Pricing it too high can be an immediate turnoff and will either leave you with a longer vacancy or an unqualified renter. 


Conduct good research and gather reliable data so you know what comparable properties in the area are being rented for. If your rental property is above market value, it may be difficult to attract those quality tenants.


This does not mean you should undervalue your property. Talk to a local property manager. We have the data and the analytics that can ensure your property is priced for profitability and competition. 


Advertise Your Property on Multiple Platforms


A strong marketing plan will get the attention of good tenants. 


In today’s digital age, advertising your rental property on just one platform isn’t enough. Be sure to advertise your property on multiple platforms, such as Zillow, Zumper, HotPads, RentCafe, and social media. This will increase the visibility of your property, which can result in more prospective tenants showing interest.


Social media posts can help. The audience is less targeted, but your listing can also travel to other people thanks to likes, shares, and comments. You can answer questions and engage with potential tenants right away.


Invest in a Thorough Tenant Screening Process


One of the biggest mistakes property owners make is failing to screen potential tenants properly. We have seen rental property owners who are too strict – looking for perfect credit and high six-figure incomes, and we have seen owners who are too brief – barely glancing at a credit score. 


You need to screen rigorously but fairly. You need to establish some qualifying rental criteria that puts into writing what you’re looking for before you approve a tenant. This criteria will also keep your screening process objective and consistent; reducing the chance of fair housing errors.


Bad screening can result in tenants who don’t pay rent on time or cause damage to your property. Conducting thorough tenant screening can help you avoid these issues. Be sure to check credit scores and reports, verify income, and examine rental and eviction history. 


Establish Good Tenant Relationships Right Away


Lastly, providing great customer service to your tenants and even your prospective tenants can help you attract quality residents and retain them for longer. Responding to tenant inquiries promptly, addressing maintenance issues quickly, and being respectful to your tenants can go a long way in creating a positive rental experience for them. Share your expectations early, be consistent and reliable, and treat everyone with respect and compassion. Your tenants will get an idea of what it’s like to rent from you based on your earliest communications. 


Attracting quality tenants does not have to be a challenge, even in a competitive rental market like the Bay area. By implementing the tips we just shared, you can find a great tenant and enjoy a pleasant and profitable rental experience. 


Contact Property ManagerIf you’re still struggling, we can help.  Please contact us at Windsor Pacific Property Management. We’d be happy to share additional insights and even help with marketing and screening. If you have any questions, or if you need help with San Ramon property management, get in touch. We serve San Ramon and Danville as well as Dublin, Pleasanton, and surrounding areas.